Name: Nacho

Breed: French Bulldog

Body Type: 17lbs of muscle

Birthday: August 10th

Energy: Life of the party

Nicknames: The 'cho, Nach, bunnyboy, snuggle buddy

Likes: Snoozing in my cozy cave, chewing on antlers, snuggling, looking suave in bowties, treats (especially carrots, cheese, and peanut butter), and long walks on a crisp fall day.

Dislikes: Getting my paws wet, thunderstorms, and being chilly

Favorite Social Media Outlet: Instagram of course! I'm @Nachodogg on insta and have met so many amazing pups and humans through it! The frenchie and overall dog community is amazing, supportive, fun, and I love looking at other pup’s pictures!


Send me love letters, bacon and cool stuffs:


P.O. Box 805

Watertown, MA 02471